Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Sense Of Humor closer to being published

Following is a synopsis for the manuscript, The Sense of Humor

The manuscript is completed and a publishing agreement is expected in the next several days.

Stay Tuned!
The Sense of Humor
How Humor Puts You on the Fast Track to Healthier, Happier Living

During these uncertain times, what people need most is a good laugh. Imagine what would happen if they understood that there is an untapped force, contained within them, that has the power to totally change their lives. And what if they discovered, all they had to do in order to unlock this secret, is simply to start using it?

So it is with humor.

The Sense of Humor is designed to demonstrate the sense that humor can make in the life of anyone who is willing to use it.

The basic premise of The Sense of Humor is this: Humor and a sense of humor are unique gifts from God intended for people to enjoy a more positive life, while at the same time, brightening the corner where they are.

In other words, humor will deliver direct benefits to the user. Outside of this primary benefit, humor will touch the lives of everyone around the user in positive ways.

The manuscript for this book is already written. People in the medical field and in education have been interviewed. Research from authorities on the subject of humor and its benefits are cited.

Each person arrives at the same understanding. Including humor in all facets of our lives will improve our lives.

This is most dramatic in medicine. We cite scientific studies and their findings to reveal that humor aids in the healing process. And, a personal sense of humor helps combat stress and depression.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 17:22, “A merry heart does good like a medicine.”

Health:  A scientific study took 20 medical students, and sat them down to watch a 45-minute stand-up comedian on video. Blood samples were taken every two hours over the span of forty-eight hours. The study found a dramatic increase in the activation of white blood cells in the participants’ systems. These are the cells that fight disease.
Researchers also found an increase in MK cells. These are the natural killers that attack cancer cells. Additional physiological benefits were also revealed in the study. The major finding was that these elevations were not simply present at the time that their subjects were laughing, but up to thirty-six hours after a single forty-five minute laughter session.

Education:  Educators tell us that laughter encourages learning. Humor leads to an increase in attention span and it can help both the students and the teacher.

Business:  In business, one of the primary traits that the human resources department looks for is a healthy sense of humor in job applicants. People without a sense of humor aren’t expected to go far.

Ministry: Humor can be used for more effective ministry. Parents, especially with teenagers, will find this book valuable for this reason alone.

Other books have been written about humor, but nothing exists, to my knowledge, attributing humor as a God-given gift to make life better.

The Sense of Humor cuts across social, economic, ethnic, and educational barriers. It has been said that music is a universal language. So, too, laughter.

Beyond research and interview findings, this book contains a second major component. I’ve poured over thousands of jokes and funny stories, selecting only the best that are currently circulating in the popular culture today. These have been arranged and grouped under the major chapter headings of the book. In this way a teacher can easily find humor specifically devoted to education. Medical personnel can locate humor about health and medicine, and so on.

The information found in the pages of The Sense of Humor does not exist anywhere, in total, for the Christian reader.

Even though the book is slanted toward this audience, it has crossover potential because the principles work no matter who you are.

A problem I discovered is that the New Age movement is already incorporating many of humor’s principles, combining humor into their breathing and yoga exercises. Most of the laughter clubs, already established, include New Age components.

But wait a minute. If we believe that humor is a gift, given to us by God, then it is our responsibility to disseminate this truth to Christians. Their lives, those around them, and the population in general will be all the better for it.

What is The Sense of Humor?

I've recently completed the manuscript for an exciting, NEW project titled The Sense of Humor. In the days ahead, I'll post information on the progress of this project, give additional details, and update you on developments.

For now, let me just say this. Reading The Sense of Humor could, very possibly, change your outlook on life, and have a positive impact your work, your relationships, your ministry, and your family.

So, let's get ready to take this exciting journey together. And please tell your friends, associates, and coworkers about TheSense of Humor.

Thank you!